The Language of my Soul by Darrell Anderson


Steps by Darrell Anderson

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The work titled “The Language of my Soul” is a body of work created by Darrell Anderson that was exhibited at the Biennale 2007 in Florence Italy. The event took place December 1st through the 9th, 2007.  Over 800 artists from around the world gathered to express, communicate, and energize the world of creativity!  “It was educational for me to experience the flavor of international artists that didn’t hesitate to be present with the soul of their work”, says Anderson, my life was enriched, to say the least! Darrell’s 12 works created for the Biennale and self portrait gave direction for change. The works became a vehicle for creative personal growth that has taken an inward path. The implication of  symbols that define the artist’s bold direction is expressive. “This new work  implies risk of uncharted territory. Searching for truth is endless, no reward without sacrifice. Time will be my equalizer, my endless pursuit of believing in the art. It will always have something to say”.

This event was life-changing in many ways for the Artist.  Darrell interviewed and made videos of  artists from around the world gathering valuable personal beliefs of why they make art their lifetime pursuit.  This was enriching moments of time for Darrell that enhanced his own knowledge of his experience in the arts. The exposure of his international experience has the opportunity to be shared around the world and something he brought home to his heart.  This broad-based adventure continues to grow in many directions----by also helping others to understand his world of creating through the eyes of others.  “The future is forthcoming and I can’t wait to witness the results from this adventure”.   By giving to others,  he enriched his own awareness of how important change is.  Darrell was able to enhance the world of many artists through his eyes. 

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